Farms in 1911

In the 1911 census there are a total of 56 farms listed on the census returns making up the three Enumerator Districts of Sherburn and South Milford Parishes. This demonstrates the enormous changes over the last 100 years in the way the land is farmed, from labour intensive small holdings to the large, highly mechanised farms of today. In 1911 26% of local employment was in farming.

Name of Farm Farmer Location
Milford Lodge William Morley Common Lane, SM close to Gascoigne Wd Jn.
Melton Leys George Riley Close to Bishop Wood and Rest Park
Hagg Farm Christopher Eshelby Gascoigne Wood
Milford Common Farm Robert Potter Not found
Milford Grange Joseph Cromack On Milford Common beyond Maltings
Steeton Hall Peter Porter Whitecoat Lane, SM
Scatt House Thomas Atkinson Junction of Westfield La and old A1
Peckfield Lodge Charles Goode On Old A1
Pointer House Edward Hills On Old A1 at junction with Sherburn Rd
Not named Thomas Blackburn High Street, SM near Milford House
Bond Bridge Farm Robert Hill High Street, South Milford
Bridge House George Farrow Low Street near Swan, SM
Croft House Robert Hill Not found
Low Mill Walter Ledger Mill Lane, South Milford
Low Street Farm Thomas Bradley Low Street, SM corner of Common Lane
Low Beulah Farm James Hill, Low Street, South Milford
The Poplars Gibson Bartoft, Low Street, South Milford
Westfield Farm John Carr High Street, South Milford
Not named Sarah Bartoft High Street, SM next to Thack (Inglenook now)
Sherburn Mill James Wood Mill Lane, South Milford
Not named Francis Bramley Low Street, West side, Sherburn
Not named William Wainwright Kirkgate, south side, East of Foresters
Not named John Rowley Kirkgate, south side, West of Foresters
Not named Henry Hey Kirkgate, south side,West of Foresters
Manor House Farm William Dennison Church Hill
Highfield House Arthur Dennison Church Hill
Burtree Bank Farm John Steel Church Hill
The Lindens John Bramley, Church Hill
Church Gates Farm Jane Clancy Church Hill
Croft Farm George Hill Kirkgate, North side
Not named Harry Pullan Kirkgate, North side
Cold Hill House Jeannie Wither Cold Hill (Sir John’s Lane)
Nordin Barn Farm George Smith, Off Common Lane, South Milford
Bond Ings Farm Tom Hodgson, Off bypass
Prospect House Henry Farrer, Milford Road, Sherburn
Not named Joseph Sissons, Low Street, East side
Not named Tom Marsall Low Street, East side
Not named Benj Mason Low Street, East side
Not named William Wainwright, Low Street, East side
Not named Ellen Wheldrick Low Street, East side
White Swan Isabel Simpson The Cross
Not named Benjamin Paver High Street (Finkle Hill)
Not named Walter Rainbow High Street (next to Police station)
Common Farm Tom Jones Sherburn Common
Wheatsheaf Inn James Rainbow Moor Lane
Grange Farm Elizabeth Ambler Now Trading Estate
Sherburn Lodge Thomas Hey Fenton Lane
Half Moon Inn Henry Wrigglesworth Bishopdyke Road
Ash Row Farm Edwin Sykes North of Bishopdyke Road
Rest Park Robert Lamb South of Bishopdyke Road
North Sweeming James Marshall Bishopdyke Road
Not named Charles Helm Rest Park
Not named Thomas Riley Rest Park
Not named Charles Longfield Lennerton
Lennerton Lodge Harry Fern, Lennerton
Not named William Knowles Lennerton