Gas Co. People

The Sherburn and South Milford Gas Company

In 1901 the company directors were:-

Ellis Batman South Milford Retired Grocer
John Carr South Milford Farmer
Walter Crosland Milford House, South Milford Gentleman
William Crosland The Limes, South Milford Gentleman
John Charles Rhodes Sherburn Solicitor
Thomas Spear Sherburn Grocer and Drape

In 1913 Ellis Batman died having been a director of the company for nearly 38 years and was replaced by John Wrigglesworth from Kirkgate, Sherburn, Provision dealer and Innkeeper.

The managers of the gasworks were:-

Charles Patterick In 1881
H Nash In 1891
Willie Pease 1892 – 1908
A Hoyle 1908 and during WW1
H Long 1922 – 1937

Shareholders as listed in the Register of Members 19th February 1866

Name Address Profession No. Shares
William Batman Low St., SM Farmer 10
John Batman Low St., SM Farmer 10
Ellis Batman Low St., SM Butcher 10
Elizabeth Batman Low St., SM Spinster 10
Jane Batman Low St., SM Spinster 10
William Bachelor Newthorpe Tailor 5
James Batters Low St., SM Railway Signalman 50
James Bleasby Milford Bridge, SM Farmer 5
James Backhouse Moor Lane, Sherburn Tile Manufacturer 5
Thomas Barker Lumby Farmer 20
Benjamin Crosland Milford House, SM Gentleman 100
Joseph Clarke Ashfield, Sherburn Gentleman 25
John Carter High St., Ferrybridge Seed Merchant 25
Wiliam Emmitt South Street, SM Teasel Merchant 25
Robert Gibson Low St., SM Farmer 25
William Gill Moor Lane, Sherburn Labourer 1
Thomas Gill Railway Station, Sherburn Labourer 2
Thomas Hudson Hill South St.. Sherburn Farmer 20
Joshua Hewitt Low St., Sherburn Grocer 2
William Hey Milford Lodge, SM Gentleman 100
Thomas Hewitt Low St., Sherburn Straw Dealer 2
George Hullah Moor Lane, Sherburn Innkeeper 5
John Harrison Little Fenton Farmer 25
William Hewitt Kirkgate, Sherburn Cordwainer 5
Michael Hey Sherburn Lodge, Sherburn Farmer 10
George Hammond Kirkgate, Sherburn Yeoman 4
Rev. Henry Jackson  Parsonage, Monk Fryston Vicar 80
Henry Mawson Kirkgate, Sherburn Gentleman 42
George Marsden Kirkgate, Sherburn Stone Merchant 50
Joseph Mawson Acaster Malbis Farmer 30
William Marshall Low St., Sherburn Painter 5
John Middlebrough South St., SM Farmer 20
Mary Paver Ledsham Spinster 5
William Paver Peckfield House, Peckfield Land Surveyor 50
William Pickup Railway Station, Sherburn Station Manager 5
William Rispin Low St., Sherburn Farmer 10
Thomas Robinson Newthorpe Manufacturing Chemist 5
John Rowlandson Milford Junction, SM Railway Porter 25
Mary Rinder Sheepscar, Leeds Spinster 20
William Simpson Low St., Sherburn Tinner 5
James Stubbs Blue Bell, Monk Fryston Innkeeper & Farmer 15
William Squire Low St., Sherburn Farmer 20
Joseph Sissons Moor Lane, Sherburn Teasel Merchant 50
George Thornton Moor Lane, Sherburn Wheelwright 5
Thomas Taylor Low St., Sherburn Butcher 25
Webster Thorpe Kirkgate, Sherburn Joiner 7
Charles Upton Massey Poddle, Sherburn Labourer 1
Thomas Vollans Little Fenton Labourer 5
Joseph Wilson Low St., SM Straw Dealer 4
James Whitlam Kirkgate, Sherburn Butcher 5